Classic and Modern Tiki Cocktails

Prepared with care, served with a sense of fun.

Exotic, delicious, and potent cocktails are always a focus of any great tiki den. Our ever evolving selection of libations provide tiki refreshment fit the fill, in a wide variety of flavors and potency.

Rums are the first family of tiki spirits, but our menu also includes delicious drinks featuring bourbon, rye, gin, tequila, with a few even more exotic spirits thrown in where needed. It will take you several visits to work your way through our offerings, so get started!

Cocktail Menu

Tropical-inspired Dining.

Small and medium plates, customizable and delicious.

Our tropical food reflects island cuisine, featuring an array of seafood, pork and chicken, (even SPAM!) along with other meats and vegan options.

Our large, affordable selection of appetizers and mains make Huli Huli a great place for lunch, pre-dinner snacks, or a full, delicious dinner.

Dining Menu