Expand Your Horizons With the Art & Skill of Home Mixology

Are you a craft beer or wine lover who wants to expand your horizons?
Perhaps your neighborhood gourmet club wants to add a liquid culinary experience?
Does your home have a gorgeous bar and you need to learn how to really show off its potential?

The art of making truly great drinks is a skill within the reach of most everyone. But figuring out where to start, or how to take your skills to the next level, can be a daunting task. We can set you and your group on the road to home bartending mastery with a fun and entertaining program!


Your instructor, Doug Winship

  • Cocktail Writer for eleven years
  • Professional Entertainment Consultant for twenty five years
  • Storyteller
  • Numerous advanced professional bartending and spirits certifications.

Custom Cocktail Education, Tailored to You

We offer a complete selection of home bartending instruction, from solid beginner basics to advanced techinques and recipes, all garnished with an entertaining examination of the history and technology behind the spirits world. We individually design each event to your group's interests and skill level.

Our basic offering is an overview of the modern cocktail world, how we got here, and how amazing it has become. The meat of the evening will be hands-on for everybody, as we craft several classic cocktails, with an eye to not only learning the basic tools and techniques of making great drinks, but understanding which ones are appropriate for which drinks, and why. It's a great way to spend an evening learning how to craft a rock-solid cocktail, discover where you'd each like to explore from there, and get an idea or two about how to get there.

For groups who already have a solid grasp on the basics of cocktail making, our more advanced evenings can go in whatever directions you desire. The cocktail world offers as many opportunities to expand your horizons as any other cullinary arena. Check out our topics page for lots of ideas for the more advanced group, and ask us how to build an evening learning more about whatever excites you.

  • The idea of your kitchen as an extension of your bar is an exciting subject for avid foodies. Use your skills in the kitchen to take your home cocktails to the highest levels by making things like basic and exotic syrups, shrubs, or tinctures.
  • We can take you through the different classes of spirits, and how to taste and evaluate each. You could also choose to dive deep into a particular spirit, its iconic brands, local offerings, and especially the creative, complex cocktails that feature it.
  • One of the ways that the world of cocktails stand out from those of fine wine or craft beers is the opportunites for you to display your own creative abilities. Learn the underlying structure of cocktails, and employ that understanding to craft your own, amazing original drinks.
  • Other subjects of great interest to cocktail enthusiast are creativity with ice, garnishes, and glassware. These go great together for a single evening, or can be broken up and added to your program focusing on other areas.
  • We have a particular passion for tiki style and cocktails. If your group is tiki-curious, let us put on an evening of teaching you to craft world-class tiki drink crafting, along with an examination of decor, style, and where to find that perfect mug.
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