Beachbum Berry presents Sippin’ Santa

at Huli Huli Tiki Lounge in Powell, Ohio

There is no such thing as too much Christmas or too much Tiki.

What is Sippin’ Santa?

Beachbum Berry Presents Sippin’ Santa is a national pop-up program, melding the best of kitschy Christmas with the escapist fun of tiki. Huli Huli is one of only 29 Sippin’ Santa locations in the world (and the only one in Ohio). We are hosting the event drenched in Christmas decor, blasting tropical holiday tunes, and offering a fresh menu of fantastic tiki drinks with holiday overtones created by Jeff Beachbum Berry.

We all want to start celebrating the end of 2020 as soon as we can, so Sippin’ Santa arrives at Huli Huli on November 17th and runs through the end of the year!

Let’s all get our Christmas on!

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Who is Beachbum Berry?

Anthropologist and historian Jeff “Beachbum” Berry is the godfather of the modern tiki revival and has been described as “the Indiana Jones of the tiki world”. Author of numerous books on the history and culinary art of tiki cocktails and related fun, the Bum is also the founder of the famous Latitude 29 tiki bar in New Orleans.

Annually, Jeff crates an incredible menu of original, holiday-themed tiki cocktails to evoke this most ridiculously wonderful time of the year. They are the delicious foundation of the Sippin’ Santa experience.


Brah Humbug

Runaway Sleigh

North Pole Punch

Those Mugs and Glasses Sure Are Pretty…

You’ll want a souvenir or two of your visits to sippin’ Santa at Huli Huli. Each of our special holiday cocktails comes in its own, unique vessel, most of which are available for gift-giving, or to buy for your home (it’s OK to be a little selfish at this time of year)!

These mugs and glasses are unique to Sippin’ Santa locations and can only be bought during this limited time of the year. Stock does sell out, do get shopping early!

And if you can’t visit with us, you can buy these vessels with our to-go cocktails, so you can have the Sippin’ Santa experience in your own home.

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